About Me

I hate writing about myself, but I do love me some lists.  List-making comes as easily to me as breathing.  Almost as necessary, too.  I’ve heard I have a list-making problem.  That’s probably true.

So, here’s an excessively long list of random facts about me:

  1. I’m a mother. I have two kids, ages 5 and 6.  My daughter (6) came via natural childbirth (I am woman, hear me roar yell obscenities at the top of my lungs!) and my son (5) came via adoption from Ethiopia.  They make up my heart.

    Funny story about the age difference between the kids.  When my daughter was about 6 months old, I wanted to start trying for a second child.  My husband (at the time) hemmed and hawed and eventually said that he was in nursing school and we just couldn’t have another child while he was still in school.  Years pass.  He’s just started his first nursing job and he says that we just can’t have another child while we’re still getting situated in our new region and he’s settling into his new job and career.  Years pass.  We decide to adopt a sweet little 2.5 year old boy from Ethiopia, who then turns out to be a year older than what we thought.  In the end, our kids are about a year apart.
    I wanted my children to be to about a year apart.  My children are now about a year apart.  Moral of the story?  I will always get my way, even if it takes me 5-6 years.  =)

  2. I’m a big fan of laughing. Seriously.  I laugh a lot and I laugh LOUD!  I like to think it’s not annoying loud, but I guess you’d have to find out for yourself.  I’m certainly not asking anyone, in case I don’t like the answer!  Anyway, I find just about everything funny and love making jokes.  I have a pretty dry sense of humor and adore sarcasm (I speak it fluently).  I don’t really like stupid humor or potty humor, but to each his own!

    When I say that I laugh loud, I’m not exaggerating.  At one of my favorite bars, I found myself sitting next to one of the kitchen staff after he’d gotten off work.  We started talking and I introduced myself, saying that I was in there somewhat regularly and had seen him around.  He apologetically couldn’t place me.  Until I laughed.  Then he said, “oh yes, I know that laugh!”  FROM THE KITCHEN.  It’s a little embarrassing.  =)

  3. I have tattoos.  A lot of tattoos.  I’m what you might call “heavily tattooed”.  I have a soft spot for other heavily tattooed people and have a secret discount for heavily tattooed ladies.  I have one tattoo for my mom and one for my brother.  One for my ex, but we won’t talk about that (not a name, thank goodness!).  I have my daughter’s name in a banner on my chest, but still haven’t made it to my favorite tattoo shop in Petersburg to get my son’s name put into his banner.  What can I say, I’m a slacker I’ve been busy.  For over a year……. (worst tattooed mother ever)

    For someone who always ran in social circles filled with tattooed people (it’s easy to do in Richmond), I can probably count on one hand how many heavily tattooed friends I have in Hampton Roads.  Tattooed people, be my friend!

  4. No matter how many boudoir session I do, I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited about each and every one. I’m excited as I meet with you to discuss your session.  I’m excited as I’m posing you and taking pictures (ask any of my clients about how I squeal and wave my hands around like a crazy person while shooting).  I’m excited as I post-process your images.  I’m absolutely THRILLED when you get to see them for the first time! Boudoir excites me.  (Not in that way…get your mind out of the gutter!)  I love the way women feel after their Seriously Sexy Boudoir experience and I can’t wait to share all of that excitement with you.  =)